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Shop Drawings

All Shops and Engineering doesn't have to be so complicated that Glaziers in the field has to be an Architect to know whats going on. That's why are Shop Drawings are designed by Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents and Journeymen Glaziers. A Glazier should never have to guess where and how the Dead Loads and Wind Loads are supposed to be anchored, or how many perimeter anchors are in the elevation and where they are placed. Every Glass Company likes their Shops a specific way and that is why we customize our product to fit your standards. Shop Drawings can go anywhere between $75-$150 per page depending on the detail that you need to make your job run as smoothly as possible. Our job is simply is to refine what the Architect wants for his Developer, make it match the enigneering specs, make sure the Manufacturer's Installation Instructions are followed precisely and make it make sense to the General Contractor, the Glazing Contractor, the Glaziers as well as all other Subcontractors. Every Draftsman hands over completed Shops to our In-ConsultantsFirmto review before we pass them to our customer. 

Simple Math, Simple Terms... The Architect, GC, and Project Managers all look at the Shops constantly but no one more than the Glaziers Job depends on if the Shops are followed exactly.  No one has to deal with the Shops more than your Glaziers. So why not let a Glazing Firm design your Shops so that the people in the field who use them most have alot less guess time and alot less punchout.